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Chuck Wagon Recipes

'Ol Gabby, the chuck wagon cook, is a crusty character identified with the poems of Cow Chip Poetry. So, it seems natural to list some of his recipes here. Included are a number of Dutch oven recipes, since that and the skillet were "Ol Gabby's" favorite cooking utensils.

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Now in my book, "Cow Chip Poetry—Lies, Lingo 'an Lore," you've been readin' about 'ol Gabby fixin 'Possum Roast' and Rattlesnake Soup'. Well, here's some of his recipes I stole from his "receipt book." Like every chuck wagon "cookie," he could only carry the simplest of ingredients to fix his vittles. Stuff like corn meal, flour and dry beans were staples. Line shack cooks varied from outfit to outfit dependin' on their stored supplies. On the ranch, bunkhouse cooks had the luxury of more shelves and greater availability of foodstuffs. So, dependin' on the outfit, bunkhouse cowhands could be "eatin' high on the hog."

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