Times Like These

...an Endless Journey

Keenan pens what he calls an OeraO memoir of the Keenan clan from 1933-1951. From his earliest recollections throughout his childhood — discovering birding and 4-H, frying rabbit and trapping mountain lion — through hard times and new beginnings, Ed weaves an engagingly fresh yarn from his childhood, interspersed with Southwestern regional history and unforgettable legends and lore.

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Al Batt, Hartland, MN


Your wonderful book — "Times Like These an Endless Journey" — certainly merits a second response. There was so much to be appreciated. I love the piece on the bird book and the bats of the daytime (cliff swallows).

I, too, enjoy Tecate beer and grew up with chickens. I raised them for many years and liked their company. Silkies were and are my favorites.

My father was a water witcher and never failed to astonish me with his prowess in that arena. He was accomplished with both branch and wire forks.

Thanks for the smiles and the memories.

Happy days,
Al Batt (Batt Cave)
Hartland, MN

Louise Hagan, Keyboard & Stylus

Your book came today and I didn't have to read far to know that we're kindred spirits...I wanted to tell you what this book has done for me to lift my spirits and recall God's beautiful gift to us...

Thank you. Your words are breathtaking and very, very wonderful in describing the land, trees, sea, birds and flowers that I love so much. I'm reeling from nostalgia that started when I first saw the cover of your book.

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