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Ed's most recent book, "BardSongs and Seasons", is published and distributed by Ingram/Lightning Source. "BardSongs and Seasons" is a collection of narrative verse. As the subtitle says: "inspired by nature. . . hitched to the universe."

Following the pattern and harmonies of nature, with its complexity of simplicity, these BardSongs are loosely arranged in thematic octaves. Like entering the woods by different routes or trails, one can begin reading at any numbered trail and imagine each as a different nature walk or stroll.

Purchase "Bard Songs and Seasons" at

Purchase "Bard Songs and Seasons" at


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What people are saying about "BardSongs and Seasons"...

Marla Ekstrand, Bend, OR

A new poet has stolen my heart. Among my treasured books, Wendell Berry has been, lovingly and respectfully, put on the second shelf for now.

Obviously, your work is a peek into the corners of your mind. Your prose seems a perfect harmonic to the creatures you so love. I love the words of "Spring Serene" — p. 91. I read in the early morning with a cup of tea — Delightful.

Ed Pritts, Oceanside, CA

Dear Ed:

I am thoroughly enjoying reading "Bard Songs and Seasons."

For instance: "Warblers In A Hurry"... your nature verse has a strong element of personification, "the moon is lighting up the woods and morning is holding its breath."

But the strongest element here and what makes this poem so touching is the very personal identification of the author with nature when he writes, "I too..."

The final stanza has the punch, melancholy but intensely personal and the reader is compelled to relate to the author.

I think this is the most poignant and touching of all... The title and the beginning give no clue of what is to come, talking about the flamboyance of September and that makes the contrast deeper.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and thinking about this one....and the imagery involved gives it sticking power.

Pamela Kaufmann, Ferndale, MI

Dear Ed:

I wanted you to know what a blessing it was to read your book of poetry, "Bard Songs and Seasons". Thank you!

It arrived a day before I left for a week's vacation on the Canadian side of Lake Huron's shores, a place that has never failed to inspire me by it natural beauty. I took your book along with me and was blessed by your words and very organic connection to our Creators world.

In particular I loved this verse of yours: "Of one treasured moment reflecting puffs of cotton clouds, and the brief contentment of being here, to share with this duck."

I my case, it was an ordinary gull, but extraordinary moment nonetheless. Thank you again, Ed, for sharing the gift of your vision and voice.

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