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Living in today's paved-over world, with all its regulations and restrictions that corral us behind chain-link fences; we envy the freedom of a bird. We desire the wide-open spaces and freshness of a mountain stream and blue air, and the natural beauty of the woodlands.

But, sadly what does one often find when hiking a lovely trail that passes over a stream, a pond or marsh? We often observe old tires, plastic water bottles, pop-top cans and Styrofoam junk floating and decaying in the fresh water.

I have this idealistic idea that if you share your love of nature with people and, if you share your interest and appreciation for the woods and wildlife with the next generation, they may be stirred with a desire do the same. So, that is my basic reason for sharing and passing on a few thoughts and experiences of nature and some places of enjoyment in the wilds... as well as the occasional poems they inspire.

Hearing that raucous bird squawking insistently at a squirrel, or seeing the beauty of an extraordinary flower, or noticing the difference of one pine cone over another, or hearing a refreshing brook, all these experiences are part of enjoying nature.

Often times, reading the experience and perspective of others increases our appreciation and enjoyment of our natural surroundings. It may even stir one to take up a pastime like birding or butterflying (bird and butterfly watching). This naturally leads to knowing host plants and food sources and soon we are absorbed in the intricate patterns and marvels of nature. This sort of environmental awareness helps us to see our place in the larger scheme of things, and to benefit from natures' many life lessons, like pondering our kinship with creation. It has been rightly said: "Nature is the other Holy Book."

So, on this "Birding and Nature" page, I'll be throwin' another blog on the fire every month or so--- something of personal or general interest. The content will vary from past to present, creek side to seaside, from seasons to nature awareness, like maybe, interpreting bird language and behavior and woodland signs. I may even wax poetic or philosophical at times. If what I have written captures your interest or imagination, leave yer' tracks.

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