Who Is This Ed Keenan?

EdBirding4Yeah! Who is this Ed Keenan anyways? Well as the name Keenan declares — O'Keenan if you will, me lad — there's a bit o' the Irish in me blood lines, on me pappy's side. But then you know the Irish are a well traveled clan of gypsies, whether forced by starvation in the potato famine, or just the wanderlust.

In the early nineteen twenties, my father migrates west from Texas cowboy country, to Los Angeles, CA, USA. Before long, he marries an Angelino (born in LA)... Yup, my mom is half Mexican and half Portuguese. Soon, a "desert rat" is born on the high desert of Lancaster, California in 1933. Now, add back some Scotch (single malt of course) and some Creek Indian on my father's side, and you've got an inkling of the twinkle me eye and the passion en mi corazon (heart).

When WW2 broke out, my Dad took his family and high-tailed it south for the hills. So, I grew up in primitive surroundings along the US-Mexican border in such unknown places as Jamul, Lyons Valley and Dulzura, near Tecate Peak and Cottonwood Creek. Rattlesnake country! We were a family of five siblings, so I know what it's like to sleep at the foot of the bed—that is when us kids had one.

Having been raised in that mountainous, semi-arid backcountry of eastern San Diego County, my earthy roots run deep. Much of my poetic efforts derive from a deep appreciation for God's handiwork as seen in nature and, also as seen and experienced in life.

It has been only in my older years that I have tried to write, by "arranging delightful words in order." (Eccl 12:10) The narrative vignettes are generally themes about birding and nature and some, southwest USA, cowboy history.  As an amateur, composing a poem or a nature photograph seems very much related to me. In fact, often one generates the other. It's about imagery or imagist verse. Maybe it is also a form of reminiscing, because it is a reflection of my feelings and observations and personal experience throughout life.

I find it enjoyable to share these thoughts as a way to call attention to the works of our Grand Creator. (Use the Contact Form if you wish to know more about that.) I hope you find my short narratives and poetic musings, not only thoughtful, but enjoyable to read.

Much more detail is captured in my books, "BardSongs and Seasons", "CowChip Poetry, Lies, Lingo and Lore" and "Times Like These an Endless Journey."  Click on the books and check out the "Reader Reviews".

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